Charleigh has been scribbling now for more than 45 years.  Bits of her work have been published since her college years.  Charleigh writes in free verse, sometimes in Haiku style, occasionally in minimalist, seeking how much she can get across in how few words. This does feel counterintuitive some days, being a wordsmith who is always trying to develop and use her vocabulary.   Some of her poetry inspirations include Billy Collins and Mary Oliver, e.e.cummings and Robert Frost.   Charleigh enjoys reading, writing, and studying history, especially the histories of food and place.  She is deeply fond of heirloom gardening, seed saving, and her 3 cats, all of whom are rescued.  Charleigh is currently working on a home grown food cookbook and teaching the art of yoga as lifestyle. Check her blog site for more poems and other writings: