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The world of publishing is vast. Agents, presses, publicists, libraries, bookstores, book clubs, lectures—the modern author must learn to navigate it all. Bloodroot is a small piece of this puzzle. We are an independent literary journal. We’ve never charged reading fees, sold anyone’s information, or sold advertising space on our website. Therefore, we don’t get paid, and we don’t pay our contributors. We do this work to get a glimpse at fresh, unprocessed new voices. We invite contributions from writers we’ve long admired. We discover and re-discover the reasons for writing, and indeed, for publishing. The pieces we selected demand to be read. It is our honor to present them to you, so that these voices may be heard. Thank you to the authors who trusted us with their work, and thank you readers, for being here, for being part of this with us. We hope you enjoy volume 11, Bloodroot’s fourth digital edition.

The Editors,

Rena J. Mosteirin and James E. Dobson

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April Bernard

Vassiki Chauhan

James Washington, Jr.

Rebecca Siegel

James Napoli

Meghan Oliver

Daniel Bourne

Jamiee Deuel

Janice Miller Potter

Sean Felix

Sabine Hoskinson

Eliot Cardinaux

Katherine Lee Lazarus

L.A. Renza

John Warner Smith

Tracy Lightsey

Ivy Schweitzer

Corey D. Cook

Ellen Parent

Mukund Gnanadesikan

Laurinda Lind

Paul Lamar

Deborah Mashibini-Prior

Darren Higgins

Linda Neal

Molly Guinn Bradley